Choreographer, video dance and video-installation artist and teacher. Has co-directed with Susana Tambutti the Argentine contemporary dance company NUCLEODANZA for twenty-five years, touring her choreographic work in over 100 venues in Europe, North and South America, India, Korea and Australia. In the last fifteen years has concentrated her interests in the production of multimedia and interactive works, site-specific architectural video performances and sculptural video installations for museums, galleries and alternative performance spaces.


Born in Argentina, attended the UNIVERSITY OF BUENOS AIRES departments of Physics and Biology, and transferred to USA graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biological Sciences from the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA at BERKELEY. Continued her education in other fields with studies in contemporary dance, choreography, design, sculpture, interactive technologies, video filming and edition in institutions in USA and Argentina such as: University of Washington, Dance Theatre Seattle, Ballet del Teatro San Martin, The Factory of Visual Arts in Seattle, Rodolfo Hermida Video School, and many video, dance interactive and telematics workshops including Hypermedia Lab in Buenos Aires, Arizona State University Dance and Technology seminars, Dance Forum Monaco and Nottingham Digital Cultures Lab.

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