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Performance virtual teatral de un comensal solitario en un restaurante atendido por un mozo obsecuente y arrogante. Continuando con el personaje de DESDE EL SOFA (Sandro Nunziatta) pasamos a una escena en donde el protagonista se encuentra cenando solitariamente mientras deglute los fideos, los caracoles a la provenzal, la copa de la casa y los panqueques al rhum en un crescendo de incómodas situaciones.

Una mesa de 60 cm. x60 cm. (inclinada y sobre un pedestal de madera) con mantel blanco.
La mesa se coloca arrimada a una pared blanca o a una pantalla de proyección
Un proyector de mínimo 2500 ansilumen, colgado muy bajo o sobre pedestal de 120 cm.
Un DVD player
sonido estereo autopotenciado conectado al DVD


Video installation by Margarita Bali produced with the PREMIO FAENA DE ARTE Y TECNOLOGIA (the FAENA Art and Technology Award 2007) for the CENTRO CULTURAL RECOLETA Art Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Original music composition and sound effects is by argentine composer Gabriel Gendin.

The exhibition is composed of 9 different video installation modules or sections in an environment interrelated in terms of content, visuals, space and music.

The basic idea behind was to work with the feeling of immersion into a marine world and the estrangement produced thro

ugh the intrusion-interference- of this watery medium and its underwater life into the everyday habitat of the urban man.

This imaginary juxtaposition generated an environment where a virtual performance, fantasy, humor, and the interactive participation of the audience could coexist with each other through implausible encounters.

The installation made emphasis on the projection of video on objects and furniture instead of projecting onto the usual conventional flat screen so that a three dimensional effect is produced. The images therefore seem integrated into the volume of the object and this phenomenon generates a duality in the perception so that it becomes difficult to separate the virtual from the real.

The work also reflects on the issue of the fashionable use of technology in art, especially within the section DESDE EL SOFA, where the actor comments ironically on his own role in the installation, on the virtuality of his existence, and on the real time interactivity in the surrounding works.

This section also deals with the issue of the passage of time by the character´s role as a hired performer and that of his lady partner, and the absurd competition that ensues about the occupation of the spaces assigned, as if in a marionette play where the puppets are not sure who is pulling the threads and why.

EL ACUARIO ELECTRONICO also has an outdoor module, with the purpose of attracting the attention of the passers bye and also as an introduction to the content of the overall installation. It is a window that faces the front of the building and the video images are projected simulating the presence of a real person behind the glass that transforms into the fish and medusa as in an underwater aquarium view.


    1-VENTANA EXTERIOR (Exterior window)
  • 2-MEDUSAS (Medusae)
  • 3-JARRONES 1 (Jars 1)
  • 4 JARRONES 2 (Jars 2)
  • 5-PECERA (Fish bowl-aquarium)
  • 6-ALFOMBRA (Rug)
  • 8-DESDE EL SOFA (From the Sofa)
  • 9-CUERPOS INTERACTIVOS (Interactive bodies

Ficha técnica

Video Instalación de MARGARITA BALI

Música original y sonorizacion: GABRIEL GENDIN


Asistencia de producción: SOLEDAD GUTIERREZ

Video, edición y realización: MARGARITA BALI

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2011 Margarita Bali, all rights reserved.